Business Transactions & Documents

Contract Review or Drafting

Businesses handle contracts every day, and we are here to help with your contract drafting and review work. Does your business need to create standardized contracts for regular transactions? We can help you create a contract template for regular use. If you have a unique transaction or a contract needing special provisions, we have the know-how to draft what you need. Our contract drafting work also includes reviewing, advising, negotiating and editing contracts provided to your business by third parties.


Purchase and Sale Agreements

We represent clients in all stages of the purchase and sale of stock, assets, or businesses. We can also help you tailor your company agreement for provisions relating to an owner’s transfer of ownership, death, disability, departure, or divorce.


Vendor Agreements

All businesses deal with vendors and suppliers. Some provide contracts to you – and we can help edit and negotiate the vendor’s terms and conditions and requirements (including matters like insurance, indemnity, dispute resolution, choice of law, and venue). Some ask you to provide a contract – and we can prepare either a tailored contract for the particular purpose or help you create a standard vendor contract for your business’ regular use.


Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements

Many of our clients have products, trade practices, business information or other information that they protect as confidential. We can help you prepare or review confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for use with employees, vendors, and suppliers to help you protect your confidential information.



Need assistance reviewing or negotiating a business loan? A line of credit? A guarantee of a loan or a line of credit? We can help you with the legal paperwork whether it is a stand-alone legal review, or part of a bigger transaction involving real estate or the purchase and sale of business assets.



We represent landlords and tenants in negotiating commercial leases; resolving lease disputes; and handling and opposing evictions.


Employment Agreements

We can help you negotiate, and/or draft employment agreements or employment severance agreements. This can include compensation, benefits, confidentiality, and employment covenants (like covenants to not compete, or covenants to not solicit customers following the end of the employment relationship). We have represented both employees and businesses.

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