Business Formation


For Profit Businesses

Which is best for you: an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), Series LLC, Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, or sole proprietorship with an assumed name? The type of legal form your business takes can have a large impact on taxes, management structure, cost of operating the business, personal liability of the owners, and ease of transferability of ownership. We can advise you on the best type of entity for your specific business needs.

We help clients create businesses, obtain approvals from the State of Texas, make recommendations on management structure, draft operating agreements between the owners, draft company resolutions, hold meetings, work with the IRS to obtain a taxpayer identification number for your new entity and attend to other important issues that face new business ventures or on-going businesses changing their entity type.

We also have experience working with new and ongoing businesses related to franchises, purchasing or leasing real estate, and changes in ownership.


Non-Profit Businesses

In addition to all of the matters above (we can assist a non-profit business with those also), we can form non-profit organizations and prepare applications to receive 501(C)(3) (including public charity) approval by the IRS, help such organizations obtain sales tax and franchise tax exemptions from the State of Texas, and also provide consultation unique to circumstances faced by non-profit organizations.

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